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Your past is your PAST  what you do NOW will make ALL the difference.

It was just a few years ago (2013) that I had bad credit. It was the 2008 market crash that crushed me. Things were not looking good after my house was foreclosed on. I had a good income but couldn’t get what I wanted dealing in just cash.

When I decided to fix my credit, I hired one of the major credit repair company’s. After about a year, I pulled my credit and just about everything was the same. At that point I was so angry that I became obsessed with my credit. I traveled across the country taking courses and seminars about credit repair. It paid off because I was literally able to take my credit from the low 500’s to 700’s in just four months.

In the process of fixing my own credit and then my friends and family. My process and my results got better and faster. So I came up with unique ways to tackle the credit repair process. I call it my 12 Point Credit Accelerator System. My system leaves no stone “unturned” and yielding results in as little as 30 to 45 days. ​​​​​​​

                            Venus J


”I love what I do. I also was able to start my business using business credit and realized how powerful it is to leverage credit for startups, growth and success.”

Michelle Mitchell,
Founder of 760 Credit

What We Do for You

We empower everyday people to gain new financial independence and reach for their dreams.
That’s what your credit should do for you, but it’s often an obstacle instead of an aid. We help turn your credit around and put it back on your side!