How much does Credit Repair cost with 760 Credit?

All we ask are an initial Enrollment fee and a Monthly Service fee. That’s it: no extra charges or hidden fees, ever. You can cancel anytime. By law, we can only work on your file for up to 6 months. If more work is needed you would need to sign a new agreement. However, our objective is to help you achieve your goals within that 6 month period or less!

What is a Credit Report Analysis (CRA)?

Our comprehensive Credit Report Analysis is the first step of your Enrollment. You will receive a PDF copy of our CRA, including a complete breakdown of your pain points, recommendations to improve your credit, our credit repair estimate, and educational information. The fee includes up to 1-hour dispute strategy consultation with a 760 Credit expert.

This Credit Report Analysis allows us to assess if credit repair is really what you need. Sometimes, people need to build credit to increase scores and others may need other services based off their individual circumstances.


$97Per Month
  • Credit Report Analysis from combine, 3-in-1 credit report
  • Request consumer reports from Equifax, Experian, Transunion, Innovis, Lexis Nexis and ChexSystems*
  • We prepare initial dispute strategy based on your goals
  • Account Setup
  • Disputes to Credit Bureaus and Creditors
  • Dispute Escalation
  • Credit Builder Assistance
  • Debt Settlement Negotiation ($500 Value)
  • Opt Out of promotional services
  • 3 Months of Credit Coaching Services ($150 Value)

Why an Enrollment Fee?

We spend a lot of time on your case in the beginning, setting up your profile in our system and building out your credit repair strategy. More than one person looks at your case file to make sure we are going to use the right strategy to be the most effective at getting corrections, deletions/removal, etc based on what we found in your Credit Report Analysis. Depending on what program you qualify for, we may also request reports from other consumer reporting agencies which also is an extra expense to us.

Why a Monthly Service fee?

Your credit repair estimate determines the amount you pay. The more accounts and items that need attention on your credit reports, the more time and resources are required to process your disputes. This fee covers our costs of labor, print and mailing your disputes (including stamps and Certified Mail postage), and office supplies.

What is the Monthly Service Fee?

The Monthly Service Fee is a payment you make monthly that covers the work completed in the previous month. Your first payment is taken 30 days after you enroll, covering the initial credit repair work we performed after getting you enrolled. After that, you will always be charged the month after we performed our duties up to a total of 6 six payments for the term of our Agreement.

Cancellation Policy:

All clients have a 5 day right of recession after the enrollment and may be entitled to receive a refund of the enrollment fee minus the initial Credit Report Analysis Fee.

You may cancel your credit repair services at anytime.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If we do not improve your credit within 180 days of consecutive, uninterrupted service, we will refund every penny of your monthly service fees!

What do we mean by improve? Removing or updating 1 or more inaccurate, unverifiable, and incomplete account reporting on your credit report.