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We know that credit can be an often-times confusing business. We want you to understand everything all along the way. Take a look at these FAQs and feel free to contact us if you have additional questions!

Absolutely! In fact, we’re happy to help DIYers, too. We provide you three support options for DIY credit repair:

With our Credit Audit for DIYers, we’ll provide you with our regular professional analysis plus step-by-step instructions to help you dispute your questionable items on your own.

Contact us to get started today!

You should start seeing results within the first 35-45 days! For some clients, that’s all it takes.

However, the credit bureaus’ automated system frequently fails to address disputes appropriately, which can result in the need for multiple rounds of disputes, each taking an additional 35-45 days.

We usually will complete our rehab process within 6 months or less, depending on the credit bureaus’ responses and your specific financial goals.

All accounts and items of information on your credit report are required to be accurate, complete, and verifiable. Furthermore, if the credit bureaus are not able to provide you verification upon request, they are legally obligated to delete the item.

We leverage the consumer protection laws to enforce your rights and get you the credit you deserve!

One of the risks of DIY credit repair is if your disputes are not specific and/or dispute blatantly accurate information. The credit bureaus aren’t obligated to correct “frivolous” disputes.

However, they also use this result for legitimate disputes, as well. The law requires them to investigate your disputes thoroughly… which costs them money. If they can stall long enough, you might quit.

This is one of the main reasons it’s important to have credit experts on your side, advocating for you. Our dispute tactics are customized to your circumstances, designed to get results, and we won’t give up!

When a financial services provider requests your credit report, it results in an inquiry being added. These “hard” inquiries can damage your credit score.

However, when you request your credit report yourself, it does not result in a hard inquiry. So we ask all of our clients to request their own credit reports.

Fortunately, it’s easy! You can request your credit reports online via,,, or

We will never charge you in advance for services we have not yet provided. That is illegal! Should you choose to go with someone else, please beware of anyone who wants payment upfront.

With 760 Credit, you will only ever be billed for services we have already rendered, such as our professional Credit Audit and dispute letters.

If ever you feel we are not delivering on our promise, we have a refund policy written into your enrollment agreement. Our success depends on your success and, most of all, your satisfaction.

You have the right to cancel your service at anytime. Furthermore, our services are backed by our money-back guarantee. We provide these money-back policies to eliminate your risk and assure you that your trust will be well-placed with us. Contact us today to learn more!

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