Real people, real results. Don’t take our word for it, watch and listen to some of our very satisfied customers:

Kenneisha: Over 700 Credit Score!

Kenneisha had a bunch of old accounts and collections on her credit report when she came to 760Credit.Biz. She also did not have enough current credit in good standing.  While we did our part to remove negative items, Kenneisha did hers by establishing new a credit card and using it properly! Together we Rehabbed her credit and gave her back her power.

“Before I wasn’t able to qualify or be approved for anything” 
– Kenneisha Jackson, Antioch, CA

Letitia: Increased Scores 100 Points with Just Our Advice!

Letitia is an interesting case, because we couldn’t actually do anything for her before she took care of a few things on her own.  She needed to start paying her bills on time for a few months and consolidate her student loans.  We told her to come back to see us after 3 months. We do not take your business unless we can make a difference.

“I had to do my part… now my score has increased over a 100 points. I just purchased another car…” 

– Letitia Watson, Oakland, CA

Jared & Barb: Approved for a house in less than 6 months!

This couple had given up on their dream of owning a their own home. The realtor they were going to work with told them that it would take a year to get their credit scores up. Because the couple was ready to make changes in their financial behaviors, we were able to get them qualified in less than half that time.

“Michelle was amazing, extremely helpful, answered all of our questions, and bent over backwards to do everything she could for us.” 
– Barb, San Leandro, CA

Jessica: Showing Gratitude

Jessica was NOT a rare case. She paid her bills mostly on time, but was maxed out on all her credit cards, and had let a few accounts slip to collections. Collection accounts were older from when she was in college. After going through our credit rehab program, she definitely has better credit, but she knows how to use it. She now understands that credit is leverage. She is aspiring to become a real estate investor!

“Not only did you (Yvonne) improve my credit like crazy, but you made sure I understood how credit works.” 
– Jessica, Pinole, CA