How 760 Credit Rehab Works

dreamstime_m_45989068The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that the Credit Bureaus must delete disputed information that is found to be inaccurate, incomplete, or that cannot be verified. THAT IS WHAT WE DO!!! We make the Credit Bureaus accountable for what they allow to be reported on your credit report.

Most importantly, we Audit your credit profile to find the best way to approach each inaccuracy to achieve fast and effective results. We do not dispute every negative item on your report. Why? Sometimes deleting an item on your report will have a negative effect on your credit score. That is why people choose to work with a Credit Repair Organization such as 760CREDIT.BIZ instead of trying to rehabilitate their credit by themselves.


Four Steps to Credit Repair

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_debt_settlementStep 1: Your FREE Personal Consultation

No strings and no pressure discussion about your personal situation with our credit rehab experts. We show you how we can help you help yourself.

Your consultation is a confidential,no judgement,conversation that will help you understand what is on your credit report and what are the things affecting your credit scores. This consultation is about knowing your options and how to meet your personal credit goals.

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151H (1)Step 2: Creating Your Personal Plan

When you choose to work with us, the first course of action is to create a tailored plan with your goals in mind called an Audit. During the Audit we go through your report with a fine tooth comb looking for errors, incomplete accounts,items that may not belong to you and many more. We put together a plan of dispute tactics.

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cat with big red glovesStep 3: The Fight Begins!

The fight begins and with your permission we craft and send out dispute letters on your behalf! Credit Repair is about persistence and we know when the bureaus need to respond. We know how they use stall tactics and scare tactics to get a consumer to stop working to improve their credit. We are relentless and fierce when it comes to getting the results you deserve!!

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Credit Score words on a report card with stamp and number 760 to illustrate creditworthiness of an applicant hoping to borrow money in a loan or mortgageStep 4: Great Results!

Your credit report is accurate and scores are improved! The reason that our slogan is “We Help You Help Yourself” because frankly credit repair is a joint effort. Your results will be based on our results with the bureaus and your behaviors as a consumer during the credit rehabilitation process. During your FREE CONSULTATION, we will go over all the details of our process with you.

To Your Success!!!

Good credit looks good on you!

No pressure, no strings. We just want to help
you achieve your credit goals!

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