Reporting Errors

70% Removed


70% Removed! There are over 30 different items a creditor has to report to the credit bureaus for it to show up on your account. Knowing how to properly identify these errors is what we do best. Our years of training and experience has helped us get tremendous results for our clients.

Remove Collections!


Remove Collections! Collection agencies will go to extremes to collect money. It is very common to find errors on credit reports from collections. These errors are: Account cannot be verified, No tracking information, Inaccurate balances, or even reporting it when it is not your debt. If you are plagued with collections, contact

Remove Inaccurate Personal Info!


Remove Inaccurate Personal Information! We don’t like collections. They are nasty and cause credit scores to MASSIVELY drop. Using consumer protection laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) we find errors on collections and leverage the violations to get them removed from your credit report! You don't have to

Even Foreclosures Removed!


Even Foreclosures Removed!Credit Repair sometimes takes several rounds of disputes and collecting documentation to verify the listing. In cases like this and New Century Mortgage, we found massive errors in the reporting of a foreclosure. After several rounds of disputes we were able to get the account removed! Do you have a foreclosure