A few months back, Jeffery H. hired us to clean up his credit. He called us because one of his friends saw us on the corner of Fruitvale ave in Oakland and knew he was experiencing some credit issues. We were able to quickly remove most of his negative items except one pesky account that would not budge using our normal tactics. So, we told Jeffery we were going to need to negotiate the debt to be removed.

As you can see in the picture, we were able to negotiate a settlement for way less than what was owed AND get this negative account removed from his report.

Take a look at the balance versus the amount we settled for. Then take a looksy at the third paragraph.

Getting a statement from the creditor is crucial when settling with a debt collector. Often times people will just commence to pay the creditor on a verbal agreement. Problem with that is there is no proof.  Without knowing these details, the creditor could remain on the report after taking your money.

First you must know, we are NOT a cookie cutter credit restoration company. We have integrity and treat each client’s unique situation with strategy and care. Our approach to Jeffery H,’s credit issues had to be re-evaluated for him to achieve his desired outcome. After the debt collector validated the debt and the account was reporting with no inaccuracies, we had no choice but to settle the debt. In this case, he was lucky because the statue of limitations on the debt being enforceable by law had passed. In the state of California, the debt collector/creditor only has 4 years to be able to sue the consumer for the debt. Anyway, in this case the debt collector was just happy to get anything from our client. Both parties ended up very pleased.

We are surely becoming a resource in our community. People call us all the time to ask credit questions and I love it. Every difficult question or situation gives me a chance to grow. If you have any doubts about credit repair and whether it works please give us a call at 510-877-0760 or email me at and we will show you how it could work for you. I am not saying that credit repair is for everyone, but I will say that we will find a way to help each person that comes in the door.