Gene came to us because he was looking for additional money for his real estate investments. He had a few projects going and was not going to qualify for any more loans. He was out of options even when it came to hard money lenders. He passed our office on Fruitvale Ave several times before deciding to come in and see what this “business credit and funding” was all about.

To his surprise, he learned that he could not only qualify for 0% interest business credit cards but that we could show him how to get the cash off of the cards without paying high cash advance fees. We were also excited to tell him that using business credit cards instead of personal credit cards would help him keep his great credit scores because the debt on most business credit cards do not report on your personal credit report.

After very little thought, he told me to sign him up. Within about 3 weeks we had acquired for him a total of $77,000 dollars. He now had what he needed to get him over the hump he was facing. Rehabbing property is expensive and thank goodness he saw this form of funding as an option. The best thing is, he can come back and we can do another round of credit. Most of our customers can acquire up to 250k within a year if they follow our coaching.

Many people think they can apply themselves and expect the same results. However, it is not as simple as that. There is a method to this. Our experience is the key to maximizing what you can get approved for. We know when, how, and why to apply to specific banks on your behalf based on what is reporting on your credit report. We know how to negotiate to maximize your funding and we can overturn denials. Strategy and experience is what sends your funding results to the moon.

Whether you have a business or not having the resources and being prepared for an opportunity is crucial to building wealth. Use your credit as leverage for you and/or your business to get to the next level.